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※ Goods Details ::


- DVD Boxset; 4-6 disc with full color screen
- Full Color Booklet Photobook in packgae

Video Clip Info
- 90% unrevealed Kyuhyun video clips
- Hilight

> Full Video of The Moon Embracing The Sun Musical (해품달) , The last performance of Catch Me If You Can (It's Park Kwang Hyun performed as Frank Abagnale Role with secretly Kyuhyun appeared on another role)
> The 3 Musketeers Musical (삼총사) in Japan (Unrevealed - Not the same clip from Photobook)

> Super Show5 World Tour Concert in America and Europe
> SM Town 2012 , SM Town 2014 , SM Week Concert , Super Junior-M Fan Party , SJM Schedule , edited clips of the performances, shows recording and etc.
- - All clips are recorded by 2KYUHYUN  100%

Oh! Bottle 

- Bottle screened Kyuhyun cartoon character (Cartoon character by 2KYUHYUN)
- Capacity 500ml. , Made in Korea

- Paper Box Package

Cold & Hot Tumbler 

- Cold & Hot Tumbler screened Kyuhyun cartoon character (Cartoon character by 2KYUHYUN)

- Capacity 500ml. , Made in Korea
- Paper Box Package


※ Special Gift ::
     For all order will receive the gifts;
Mobile Cleaner Strap 1x

    - Compact Mirror 1x
    - Photo 2x
- Sticker 2x

     For all Bottle/Tumbler order will receive the gifts;
    - Fan 

    - Photo 2x 
- Sticker 2x

     First 7 days Benefit for Thai & Foreginer ONLY for DVD order (excluded Bottle & Tumbler)
will receive special gifts;
    - DVD ; Full of Singin' In The Rain Musical
    - Full color screened DVD 

     For Set order (DVD SET + BOTTLE + Tumbler) will received special gifts;
- DVD ; Full of Singin' In The Rain Musical
Full color screened DVD
    - Musical photo set (4x6 photo size) = around 8-12x in package

    - Secret Pack (Secret Gift)

※ Reservation ::
- 2kyuhyun Reservation and Payment : 2014.09.25 - 2014.10.15
 - 2kyuhyun Reservation and Payment (First 7 days) : 2014.09.25 - 2014.10.01
- 2kyuhyun Shipping : goods will be finished around 4 Nov. and will be shipped around mid of Nov.

* Order cannot be cancelled.
* All of the profit will be use for supporting Kyuhyun

※ Price ::
DVD Package : 40$ (USD 35,000 KRW. 
Bottle : 15$ (USD) 13,000 KRW. 
Cold & Hot Tumbler : 15$  (USD) 13,000 KRW. 
Set order (DVD SET + BOTTLE + Tumbler) : 70$ (USD 61,000 KRW. 

** If you want to pay with Paypal we will calculate the price with USD.
But if you want to pay by Transfer to Bank account in Korea we will calculate the price with KRW.


- If you are willing to be a representative of your country for Group Purchase , 

please contact : 2Kyuhyun.goods@gmail.com

Please write the subject of E-mail:
- "[Order] 3rd DVD "TBGU" if you want to order the goods
Name - Surname ::
Nickname ::
2Kyuhyun Display/Useranme ::
Email (For Confirm and other detail) ::
Order List ::
Shipping (Pick up/EMS Address) ::

- "[Question] 3rd DVD "TBGU" if you have any questions : )

PAYPAL & Western Union
1) We ACCEPT PAYPAL (The easiest and safety way to send money)
2) you can send money by Western Union we can receive your money.
If you want to send money by Paypal or Western Union when your order comfirm by us
we will tell about a detail and send it back to you.
3) Deposit money to Korean Bank or Thai Bank (contact us to ask about Account number)

※ Contact :: 2Kyuhyun.goods

** IMPORTANT! for Japanese Group Order
We don't have 2KYUHYUN in Japan Group order right now.
Since all of japanese fans know about the problem of 2KYU in Japan (Twitter @2kyuinjp)
who was helper, already disappeared :( 
so if you find some of Japanese fans open group order for 2KYU goods
you can choose and decide by yourself to order with tham by yourself.

If you have any question, Please contact via Line or E-Mail,
and also via PM system in our website smile.gif

General Question Line ID (for Q&A and Order goods ONLY) : K12613
Order Form Problem / Payment Confirm (for Oversea Fans): 2Kyuhyun.goods@gmail.com
Follow for Latest Update: http://twitter.com/2kyuhyun