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(BABY규현이 ♥ ) By. 2KYUHYUN

한국어 버전http://www.2kyuhyun.com/xe/index.php?mid=goods&document_srl=227773

BABY규현이 Sample doll have arrived with GOOD NEWS!
We added 2nd pre-order lot for everyone. :)

This is 1st sample doll from factory. We still need to fix some of body composition, 

After fix this finish producing will be on process soon.

Schedule for delivery will be a little bit changed from mid of Nov. to end of Nov. (or first week of Dec),

Because of New Year Season is coming, the factory of doll need to do other dolls for other customer too.

So We hope everyone understand about this case. :)

Schedule for 2nd Pre-Order Special LOT. : 2015.10.20~2015.10.24 (11.50PM) 

For GROUP ORDER or INDIVIDUAL ORDER please contact : 2Kyuhyun.goods@gmail.com for order and more question.


※ Goods Details ::


- Height 20 cm
- As preview photo, Baby Kyuhyun with panties.

KYU Summer Bottle 

- Bottle screened Kyuhyun cartoon character (Cartoon character by 2KYUHYUN)
- Capacity 500ml. , Made in Korea

- Paper Box Package


※ Special Gift ::
    For all order will receive the gifts;
    Doll Accessory 1x (Secret Package; Random item for doll ex. Clothes/Cap/Bag)

    - Post Card 1x
    - Magnet 1x > Change to Photo
    - Photo 4x
    - DVD ; Full of The Days Musical

    For all Bottle order will receive the gifts;
    - Photo Card 

 First 5 days Benefit for Thai & Foreginer ONLY for Doll order (excluded Bottle) will receive special gifts;
    - DVD ; Full of Robin Hood Musical
    - SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y. Phonograph in JAPAN (Highlight) 1 Disc 
    - Full color screened DVD 
    - Secret Gift 

    For Set order (DOLL + BOTTLE) will received special gifts;

    - DVD ; Full of Robin Hood Musical
- Full color screened DVD 

    - Secret Gift

  ※ Reservation :: 
- 2kyuhyun Reservation and Payment : 2015.09.06 - 2015.10.06

- 2kyuhyun Reservation and Payment (First 5 days) : 2015.09.06 - 2015.09.11
Schedule for 2nd Pre-Order Special LOT. : 2015.10.20~2015.10.24 (11.50PM)
- 2kyuhyun Shipping : goods will be finished around end of Oct ~ early of Nov and will be shipped around mid of Nov.

* Order cannot be cancelled.
* All of the profit will be use for supporting Kyuhyun

  ※ Price ::
23$ (USD) 20,000 KRW. 
Bottle : 15$ (USD) 13,000 KRW. 
Set order (DOLL+ BOTTLE) : 38$ (USD)  33,000 KRW. 

** If you want to pay with Paypal we will calculate the price with USD.
But if you want to pay by Transfer to Bank account in Korea we will calculate the price with KRW.


- If you are willing to be a representative of your country for Group Purchase , 

please contact : 2Kyuhyun.goods@gmail.com

Please write the subject of E-mail:
- [Order] KYUHYUNIE Doll if you want to order the goods
Name - Surname ::
Nickname ::
Twitter ::
Email (For Confirm and other detail) ::
Order List ::
Shipping (Pick up/EMS Address) ::

- [Question] KYUHYUNIE Doll if you have any questions : )

PAYPAL & Western Union
1) We ACCEPT PAYPAL (The easiest and safetiest way to send money)
2) you can send money by Western Union we can receive your money.
If you want to send money by Paypal or Western Union when your order comfirm by us
we will tell about a detail and send it back to you.
3) Deposit money to Korean Bank or Thai Bank (contact us to ask about Account number)

※ Contact :: 2Kyuhyun.goods

FOR Group Purchase
Click to see list Representative of your country Group Purchase HERE!

If you have any question, Please contact via E-Mail,
and also via PM system in our website smile.gif

If you want to order STOCK ORDER (1st, 2nd, 3rd PB, 3rd DVD "TBGU", 2KYUHYUN TOWEL)

you also can order it with doll project and we'll send to together to your country.

Please contact us by E-Mail directly, THANK YOU :)


 : 2kyuhyun.goods@gmail.com 

Follow for Latest Update: http://twitter.com/2kyuhyun